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The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph

Bowen Island

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> An Expansive Island Wilderness

The Cape On Bowen is an impressive island property. The 618-acre site slopes gently upward from awe-inspiring, rugged coastlines to reach a dense forest above. On the southern coast, we have recently achieved a Nature Reserve Park, through the Bowen Island Conservancy's acquisition of our estates with generous philanthropic funds. Currently The Cape is forming strategic alliances, collaborating with environmental leaders and groups in a concerted effort to extend the Nature Reserve through the entire remaining 82 acres of southern coastline beyond the Conservancy's Nature Reserve Park.

Along the water, the property traces 3.7 kilometres of beaches, coastal bluffs, and spectacular forest and oceanside views. And it all lies in a microclimate that enjoys much more sun, for more of the year, than most of the surrounding region. In fact, The Cape on Bowen is on average 3⁰ Celsius warmer than the rest of the island.

A rich ecosystem thrives on these lands. Arbutus, seaside juniper and wildflower meadows bloom. Deer move silently through the woods. Bird calls can be heard everywhere. Seals, bald eagles, sea lions, otters, porpoises... and in recent years, dolphins and orcas have been spotted increasingly frequently, just meters from the Cape's shores!

The trail system that interlaces all of this natural wonder is extensive. These trails compare to the best in the region for sheer variety of terrain and picturesque views of the ocean and neighbouring islands. And a sunset walk along The Roger Curtis Sea Walk, in the quiet of the evening after dinner, must be experienced. The light from the water, the peace of these woods, and the sound of the ocean on the shore make this walk the perfect embodiment of natural island living. The Roger Curtis Seawalk has become rather infamous, as often there are visitors coming for the scenery, driving all the way from California.

In this setting, The Cape On Bowen’s expansive, private 10-acre nature estates present a true privilege to be proud resident stewards of the lands. Entering the site along the meandering Cape Drive, one has a sense of exploration of a national park. But you can call this your home.

Please join us to further our foundation and build on our mission to set sustainability precedents. We envision a community where the collective treads lightly on the land and its natural resources, where built structures are exemplary in green building systems and technologies, and where horticultural and agricultural practices are regenerative and organic.

Groundwater wells are in place and septic is pre-approved. 45,000 sf of total buildable area is permitted through a primary residence and secondary structures that could accommodate farm stables, detached cottages and home-based business, workshops, studios.

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