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The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph


> A Longer View For Years To Come

This is an impossibly beautiful coastal site. Its rugged wild shores, whispering brooks, and ecologically diverse deep woods are a Pacific Northwestern gem. We are determined to tread upon this land lightly. On the southern coast, we have recently achieved a Nature Reserve Park, through the Bowen Island Conservancy's acquisition of our estates with generous philanthropic funds. Currently The Cape has formed key strategic alliances and is collaborating with environmental leaders and groups in a concerted effort to extend the Nature Reserve to create sensitively managed public access along the entire remaining 82 acres of southern coastline, beyond the Conservancy's Nature Reserve Park.

We have taken extensive measures to preserve the natural and ecological integrity of the property. Infrastructure has been established with the expert guidance of some of the region’s most respected environmental consultants. Hydro and all telecommunications cabling, including fibre optics, have been completed underground, so that the stunning forest experience is uncorrupted. The site is constructed to promote maximum natural drainage of stormwater, for minimal impact on the water table. Burke and Huszar Creeks – crucial wildlife habitats on the property – have been protected, with generous buffer zones. Estates have a Forest Management Zone that ensures the natural state and balance of the ecological system is protected in perpetuity. We believe we have an absolute responsibility to act as stewards of these precious lands. We are determined to spark a paradigm shift through our conscious decisions in how we develop this property, and how we build an intentional community by attracting and selecting those who share our values for protecting our planet.

Meanwhile, we encourage owners to create a home that honors and respects this coastal forest landscape. From environmentally sensitive design to awareness of sensitive habitats, from intelligent landscaping to the use of local materials and sustainable building systems, we offer pragmatic guidance to help you build an island estate that protects the fragile natural beauty of this land.

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