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The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph

Bowen Island

Things to do on Bowen


> Inspired Bowen Island Living

Bowen Island is an icon in this region. Vancouverites know it well, and you would be hard pressed to find someone from this region who hasn’t spent time here. This island experience is so easy to get to, and so rewarding.

A day trip by ferry or water taxi reveals a quiet cove, beautiful trails that trace past inland lakes, serene harbours, and a peaceful, close-knit community. From the moment you get off the boat, the feeling of this place takes you over, and you feel yourself unwind.

But living here, the story gets so much richer. This is a lush island landscape of forest, mountain, sea and stone. It is incredibly rewarding to explore. A sailors’ paradise, with sheltered coves around every lighthouse, and plenty of marinas to tuck in your craft. Deep, old forests. Quiet inland lakes. A thriving, inspired arts community. Charming restaurants. Endless secret places for your children to play.

And everything else you will discover here over the years.

> Expeditions From Shore to Shore

For such a small, intimate island, Bowen is an incredibly rich natural playground. Evergreen hiking trails that circle past silent inland lakes. A mountain biker’s nirvana, with single track trails tracing beautifully from quiet shores to Gardner peak. Rocky beaches stacked with raw driftwood, where the only other person you see is 3 nautical miles offshore. A serene seaside golf course. Secret fishing spots, that only you, the kids, and your dog know about. And that is just the beginning. On the water, endless shorelines to explore, by kayak, sailboat, or craft – and plenty of smooth little bays for waterskiing.

And for those who live here, always a home to return to. A hearth to fire up at the end of the day. Your own little paradise, in the midst of this storied Pacific Northwest island.

Welcome home.

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