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The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph
Download Renderings of homes at The Cape on Bowen

Download Renderings of homes at The Cape on Bowen

Download Renderings of homes at The Cape on Bowen


Design Guide

The Cape on Bowen is a remarkably beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest. It is out of this deep respect for the land that Design Guidelines have been created. Moreover, it is the desire of this premier set of properties to retain and celebrate its distinct sense of place, from the outset of development. With nature and built form taken together, the spirit is one of sustaining and enhancing what is the 'best of Bowen.'

The Design Guidelines are intended to inspire creative development to enhance The Cape on Bowen's sense of retreat, unspoiled nature, and close-knit community. This legacy is yours, with these guidelines as support.

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Design Guidelines for The Cape on Bowen.

Resource Guide

Arris Architecture
The coastline of British Columbia is both rugged and pristine. From the rocky outcroppings battered by the wind and sea, to the lush flora that resides on the forest floor, this landscape is distinctively “West Coast”. Arris Architecture is rooted in a West Coast Contemporary style. Our designs are inspired by the local climate and respond to the subtleties of place, whether man-made or natural, to the complex nature of people and cultures and to the rich possibilities of materials and methods of construction.

We celebrate the warmth and beauty of natural materials and their connection to the land. We believe that architecture is collectively a building and landscape design exercise and embrace opportunities for visual and physical connection to the surrounding landscape.
We provide complete architectural services within an open and collaborative studio centrally located in Vancouver, BC. We provide personalized service and facilitate the entire design and construction process to ensure our client’s goals are achieved. Our creative team of architects can help you build a home that is bold, yet practical, environmentally responsible and authentic.

Arris Architecture is a registered member of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC).

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Frits de Vries Architect
Work in the Frits de Vries Architect office is focused on process rather than one particular style. They listen to the needs and ideas that a client brings to a project, and carefully look at the qualities of the site before proposing a design solution. The result is a variety of styles, all built with innovation and care. Their work is focused primarily in Southern British Columbia, with completed projects in Vancouver, West Vancouver, Lion's Bay, North Vancouver, Whiterock, Whistler, the Sunshine Coast, Gulf Islands, and Vancouver Island.

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Wakefield Homes
Wakefield builds custom residences and recreational properties of all styles and sizes. They work closely with their clients from initial planning through to completion to create a place you will love. They offer innovative building solutions, optional Deep Green Building Practices, top workmanship and a homeowner-focused experience. For more information, please visit

Words from Frits de Vries, the Architect behind
our Lot 10 designs at the Cape

Our team at Frits de Vries Architect has been so pleased to be involved with the design at The Cape On Bowen. I have been a resident on Bowen Island for over 10 years, and what a privilege it is to have a place on that special island. So close to Vancouver, and so far away.

The lots at “The Cape On Bowen” are truly unique and each one is spectacular. This collection of acreages is an easy place to make friends, and to feel comfortable and at ease. The diversity of the landscape reflects the natural beauty of Bowen Island, from the rolling waves on miles of coastline, to the ridges, valleys and plateaus of the natural forested hillsides. As an architect I find this setting inspiring.

Dramatic exposed rock faces and steep hillsides characterize some of the lots and are well suited to exciting terraced homes. Other lots are more gentle, some include a private meadow, and are well-suited to walking paths and additional amenities, such as tennis courts, arbors, a play-field for soccer scrimmages or a workshop. The topography is incredibly varied, so take your time to imagine which would suit you and your family’s lifestyle.

Spectacular ocean views are a part of the Coastal experience, and are a feature of many of the lots at The Cape on Bowen; watch sailboats navigate the islands or just sit and watch the light play across the water. I love to design homes on view lots, not just for the opportunities that the view presents, but also to bring in the surrounding natural landscape. Finding that balance between a panoramic view and the enjoyment of your own property creates a feeling of ease and connection to nature.

Waterfront estates are an exceptional way to enjoy secluded sea-side living. We envision patios carefully positioned between natural rock outcroppings, under the smooth-skinned arbutus trees where you can hear the roll of the waves and the birds in the trees. There is no better way to experience Island life than from your oceanside home, surrounded by untamed forested hills and natural rock outcroppings.

There are endless ways to enjoy the natural paradise that this community offers. Enjoy miles of forested trails, and coastline. Play on the beach and find starfish and sea life in living tidal pools. This coastline is among the naturally richest in the world. Your home should be carefully tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, and carefully designed to take full advantage of each unique opportunity on your private lot. This is your chance to envision your Bowen Island experience.

Take your time and enjoy visiting a number of these lots and, when you are ready, I would love to have the opportunity to help you bring out the very best of your exquisite site. I truly believe that the Cape on Bowen is the perfect spot to admire the wild beauty of the Coast.

Frits de Vries
Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.