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The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph The Cape on Bowen Nature Photograph


Phase 2 launch breaks sales records

August 11, 2012

Sixty-five per cent of the Cape on Bowen's Phase 1 has been sold, with only five estates remaining of the original 14. Phase 2 launched in May, with a record-breaking purchase price of $4.38 million for one estate. read more

A Value Comparison: Vancouver West vs The Cape on Bowen

Posted July 31, 2012

A "collaborative outcome-focused approach" is what the Urban Development Institute believes Brian Jackson brings to Vancouver's planning activities. read more

Take your pick: oceanfront or forest view?

Posted July 31, 2012

Imagine waking up each morning in your architect-designed home to views of the southern Gulf Islands and Sunshine Coast. read more

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Docks on Bowen Island

The developers of the Cape On Bowen respect greatly the natural environment and recreational potential provided by their 618-acre waterfront community. Prospective owners can maximize the enjoyment of their property through the construction of private docks and moorage, similar to all other private waterfront properties on Bowen Island.

To pursue the lifestyle benefits of waterfront ownership, owners of private waterfront at The Cape on Bowen and all across the island, follow provincial and federal regulations, as well as comply with bylaws No.335 and No. 336, passed in 2013 by the Bowen Island Municipal Council.

The municipal bylaws set out specific, well-defined parameters for dock structures that apply to all private waterfront property owners on Bowen Island. These parameters include, for example, gangway and float structure areas, lengths, and height clearances, and a requirement to analyze, limit and mitigate environmental impact.

Waterfront owners on Bowen Island may apply to construct a private dock if the structural design of their moorage facilities complies with regulations of the Municipality, the provincial Ministry of Lands, Fisheries and Natural Resources, and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

For guidance on the construction of your private dock, you may consult the websites of the three levels of government, and contact the developers if you would like to learn more on local companies who specialize in the design and construction of marine structures.

Over $50 million has been invested over four years in extensive infrastructure that includes roads, waterfront and forest trails, bridges, environmental protection mitigation measures, viewpoint access, private driveway access, underground hydro, TV and telephone cables, a fibre optic station for advanced Internet connectivity dedicated to the 59 estates, and certified water supply and quality for each individual lot. All home sites are 'ready to go' for building permits.

Recognizing that the land is unique, the vision for The Cape On Bowen is to minimize the development footprint and take measures to ensure that the preservation of the land’s natural beauty, and protect environmentally sensitive areas.

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